Tips For Early Set Up Of Your Emergency Placement Directives

  • Plan with family, neighbors, friends, or case management services to decide who will take responsibility of the memory impaired patient in a crisis situation.
  • Maintain a notebook for the responsible party who will be continuing the caregiving of your loved one. This notebook should contain emergency phone numbers, current problem behaviors and possible solutions, ways to calm the person suffering with memory impairment, assistance the patient needs such as toileting, feeding, or grooming, the patient’s favorite activities or favorite food.
  • Preview assisted living facilities to see if they meet the needs of your loved one.
  • Consult an attorney regarding estate planning, power of attorney, and who will take the role of healthcare surrogate.
  • Contact our office for a resource list of helpful contact information.

For complete guidelines and requirements of our Emergency Placement Program, please contact the AFO office at (352) 616-0170.