Exciting News

We have some news!  We have implemented a new program at Alzheimer’s Family Organization titled The Wanderer’s Reunification Program!

The objective of the Wanderer’s Reunification Program is to identify and reunite a loved one with their care giver as quickly and as safely as possible, thus reducing the time of separation and trauma to the loved one.

We have had the option of a Wanderer’s Identification bracelet or pendant for some time.Using the bracelet/pendant, the loved one will be identified as having Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia, and in doing so this will alert law enforcement or other individuals that should come upon the loved one that they have the disease and that their confusion is not the result of substance abuse or mental illness for example. The information contained on the bracelet/pendant will provide quick contact with the care giver directly or with local law enforcement.

A new item we are now able to offer is a Human Scent Preservation Kit. With the use of the scent preservation kit, and specially trained canines, a loved one with the disease can be located more quickly and in a more cost-efficient manner than dispatching a helicopter with infra-red equipment or multiple man hours for foot searches. Using a scent pad that has been correctly preserved within a sealed sterile jar reduces contamination of the sterile scent article.  It ensures that the K-9 team is trailing the targeted person’s unique scent. More information can be found on this site, or by contacting our office at (352) 616-0170.

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