Committee Responsibilities

If you are interested in joining an event committee, please fill out our volunteer form and indicate that you would like to join a committee. Elected committee members have different functions and their type of work differ depending on the type of the organization and its needs. See below for more information on committee responsibilities

Secure an Event or Ad Sponsor:

Our fundraisers are important to keep most of our services and programs available at no cost. Ask your community friends and networking contacts to give monetary support through sponsorship of the event. Most sponsorships include free tickets and a free ad in the program book if available. Sponsorships and program ads help raise funds to make the event successful.

Secure participants / Sell Tickets:

Getting participants to attend is essential to the success of the fundraiser. More people at the event benefits the organization through ticket sales and also day of monies from raffles. Some people prefer to just attend the event.

Secure a Donation:

Item donations are essential to our fundraisers because they bring in important ‘day of’ monies through raffles to assist in the event’s success. Smaller items can be collected to combine in one basket. Some people prefer to make a smaller $25-$50 donation instead.

Recruit a New Committee Member:

There is strength in numbers. We need to continuously network in the community and find assistance from those willing to help make our events and our organization successful. The bigger the committee, the more successful the event.

Secure a ‘Day Of’ Volunteer:

If people aren’t able to donate money/gift, purchase a ticket, or assist on the committee, they can still be involved with our organization by volunteering the day of the event. Our events could not be executed without the many volunteers that assist us. Recruiting a volunteer helps to raise awareness and allows us to get our name out into the community without any organization costs incurred.